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 Progressive System
keeping your home clean and not only clean but deep clean with out paying any extra.
our progressive system allows you to get one deep item per month, Oven, Fridge, Range,Blinds and much more at no extra cost for you.

How It Works?
our Progressive System require a a minimum of two times per month home cleaning ( no contract require) 
our cleaning team will clean your home and also they will do one deep clean on one item of the house monthly,  it can be your inside oven, range, fridge, windows, blinds, ceiling fans, baseboards, doors and more.
The cleaning team  will use the progressive system to ensure the maintenance   of your  house and the safety too My Team Cleaners LLC will provide new cleaning materials and products for your home and they will remain at your home for future visits. 
​including :
1. New Micro Fiber Cloths (8 units )
2. New Replaceable Mop System ( 1 )
3. New Sponges ( 2 )
4. New Brush ( 1 )
5. All Products, Trash Liners and Equipment need it for the job.
Progressive System will Save you money because we Provide Everything  we need to make your home Clean.

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